HeBrews 11:1 sings a new tune at Community Coffee

HeBrews 11:1 hosted this week’s Chamber Community Coffee, and proprietor Arnetta Bradford brought a new, unique twist to this weekly community event: karaoke. Some guests were eager to participate and provided a quick lyric or two, and the shy ones who didn’t want to sing still enjoyed the fun, festive atmosphere. Bradford said she chose this acitivity because, “I wanted to bring a little Arnetta to a traditional community event and have some fun!”

Guests were treated to some popular HeBrews refreshments and snacks like Southern Pecan Coffee, Creme Brûlée Coffee, Strawberry Rose Lemonade, Ice Turtle Shaker Shots, pinwheels, quiche, fruit, and more. Bradford said these tasty treats were selected for today’s event because they were customer-favorites, in addition to her Cucumber Peach Lemonade, 11:1 Chef Salad, and chicken salad.

Bradford said she and the HeBrews team were thrilled to be hosting this week’s Community Coffee, especially during such an imporatant week. “This is the week we had our soft opening three years ago, and we thought hosting a Community Coffee was a great way to celebrate our anniversary.” Bradford said. “When we opened, my whole heart was devoted to having a coffee shop that was a part of the community. This isn’t just my coffee shop, this is the community’s coffee shop.”

And that was proven when many local residents turned up to show their support. Even Young Miss Hempstead County Georgia Pinegar was in attendance today. Guests were able tour the shop, including the upstairs balcony with a comfy seating area, plus chess, checkers, and tic-tac-toe for interested patrons. Bradford said the decor, games, and menu items were all designed to make people comfortable, and that her number one priority is “making people feel better.”

HeBrews 11:1 is located inside the National Building in downtown Hope and open Monday through Friday from 7am to 3pm. This cozy, charming space is also available to rent for special occasions.

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