Hempstead Bicentennial seeks sponsorships

Different levels of sponsorship are available

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The Hempstead County Bicentennial Committee (HCBC) was formed by local citizens of Hempstead County to help promote and coordinate events to celebrate the 200th birthday of Hempstead County.
The committee is seeking donations and sponsors to help achieve its goals. The Hempstead County Bicentennial seeks to achieve the following: Materials and resources to promote the Bicentennial and events including a birthday celebration on December 15, 2018; History plaques for each community in Hempstead County; an Annual County History Fair competition for county youth; and a Scholarship Endowment for University of Arkansas at Hope-Texarkana.
Different levels of sponsorship are as follows:
• Bicentennial Sponsorship — $5,000
• Presenting Sponsorship — $2,500
• Corporate Sponsorship — $1,000
• County Sponsorship — $500
• Township Sponsorship — $250
• Community Sponsorship — $100
• Basic Sponsorship — $50
For more information on how to donate and details of each sponsorship level, contact Twyla Pruden at [email protected]

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