Hempstead County Courthouse Hosts a Popular Community Coffee

Last week the Hempstead County Courthouse joined with the Hope Chamber of Commerce to host their community coffee. Around 30 or more citizens showed up to the event in support for Courthouse and its hardworking members. The coffee was held at the top of the stairs in the main entrance, with a very wide variety of food and desserts displayed for everyone to enjoy.

Hempstead County Judge, Jerry Crane welcomed everyone to the event and seemed very thankful for the number of people that attended the coffee. “Yes I am new to all this for the most part but I am so proud to be a part of the courthouse team. I say team because I know we all may not always agree but we still understand we have to work together to keep this community safe and secure,” said Crane. “God bless Hempstead County and thank you all for the support.”

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