Hempstead County Courthouse to Reopen With Restrictions

Hempstead County Courthouse will reopen to the public Monday, June 8, 2020. Due to COVID-19 restrictions upon entering the courthouse and/or offices are as follows:

1.  The courthouse advises the public to wear a mask upon entering. Masks are not mandatory for individual offices but for the safety of you and the employees it would be appreciated. Your temperature will be taken upon entering the courthouse and you will have several questions to answer before going to each office.

2.   If you are coming to the courthouse for business we ask that you limit one person per household unless it is essential for more than one person to attend. Each office will have a sign showing the number of people allowed to come in their office.

3.    If you are coming for court, the Judges and Security Guards will have instructions how to enter the courtrooms. Please let the Security Guards know that you are there for court.

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