Hempstead Hall Hosts Community Coffee for TEDxUAHT & Fairy Tales on ICE

Hempstead Hall hosted a Community Coffee on Wednesday to share news with the community about their upcoming events, TEDxUAHT and Fairy Tales on I.CE. Many local citizens and city officials came out to enjoy dozens of refreshments and friendly company.

Director of Hempstead Hall, Amanda Lance was grateful for the amount of people that came to the event. “We are so excited to be hosting this coffee to remind you all of our upcoming events. TEDxUAHT will be the first TEDx event for Hempstead County and we’re so proud to host them here and we hope you’re all interested enough to come and watch them on April 4th,” said Lance.

SWAAC President, Dolly Henley introduced Ice Creative Entertainment’s Executive Producer, Alex Wilfand to share information about their next performance at Hempstead Hall. “We’re so happy to be back in Hope and can’t wait for you to see what we’ve got in store for you this year. If you came last year, get ready to see more this one because we’ve added some great aspects to the show,” said Wilfand. “Come see us Friday night and we’re positive you wont regret it.”

TEDxUAHT: Hope Lives Here will be April 4, 2020. Fairy Tales on ICE is tomorrow, Friday, February 21, 2020. For more information and ticket sales you can click HERE to visit their website or call (870) 722-8565.

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