Hempstead Quorum Court Hears Hot Check Report, Water Request, Road Budgets

The Hempstead County Quorum Court met Thursday night to vote on a hot check report, hear a request from Southwest Arkansas Water, and approve the road budgets.

After approving the minutes from their last meeting, the court voted unanimously on the hot check report. Following that, they heard from Robert Chisom of Southwest Arkansas Water, who has made a request for relief funds. The company’s needs include funding for cleaning, water leaks, creek crossings, and other necessities. They provided the court with an itemized list and, after some discussion, agreed that the most important items would cost approximately $400,000. This would be to service the Patmos area, or “Phase 3” of their project. Some Patmos residents have already paid for the service. The discussion was tabled pending the forming of a committee to look into the matter further.

Afterward, Terrie James of the Hempstead County Cooperative Extension Service offered a report on the Extension’s activities and thanked the court for their continued support.

Then the court heard Ordinance 22-1, which would approve the road budgets for 2022. The board unanimously voted to approve the budget.

Finally, it was reported that a 2011 Ford F-150 and a Chevy Tahoe that were scheduled to be released from county property have been released.

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