Henley Retiring After 50 Years of Service

By Mark Ross

The City of Hope celebrated the Holidays with its annual employee Christmas Luncheon at Hempstead Hall Friday December 13, 2019. Employees were greeted at the door by City Manager Catherine Cook and handed their Christmas bonuses.

After the meal The City Manager said a few brief words of encouragement and thanked the employees for their dedication throughout the year.

Catherine Cook announced that Paul Henley, City of Hope Park and Recreation Director will be retiring after 50 years with the city at the end of this month. Several members of Henley’s family were present, one of whom, was his wife, Dolly, who said, ” I’m excited about Paul’s retirement. He has been a devoted public servant to the City of Hope for so many years. Hope is a better place to live because of Paul. He has impacted so many lives.” Adding “I look forward to many new adventures as we enter this new phase of our lives.”

When City Manager, Catherine Cook was asked about Henley’s service throughout the years, she said, “Paul Henley embodies the highest standard of public service. He has served as an example for over fifty years of what public service can and should be in our community. He served as an example to all of us who would like to embody those values he has. We have been lucky here in Hope for Paul to have worked with us all these years, and to have the enthusiasm and the intelligence and the know how to do so many things that have improved the parks, recreation and tourism system in the City of Hope.”

Mayor Steve Montgomery and former Mayor Dennis Ramsey both spoke highly of Henley as well. He will be missed by everyone in the city of Hope.

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