HHS EAST Students Take Leadership Roles

HOPE – Two Hope High School students active in the EAST (Environmental and Spatial Technology) program at HHS will step away from their team activity at the national EAST Conference in Hot Springs next week to take on larger roles in the three-day event.

HHS Senior Timothy Rowe and sophomore Richard Ware have been selected to serve on the EAST Conference Documentation Team and Ambassador Team, respectively.

“This is truly an honor, as they were chosen from among hundreds of applicants,” HHS EAST teacher Adrianne Ware said.

The selection process required not only specific application criteria, but also specific evidence of certain skills.

“I had to send them some required pictures, and some that showed my skills,” Rowe said.

He will be actively involved in documenting the conference as a whole throughout the three days.

“I’ll be taking pictures of everything,” Rowe quipped. “We will load it all up into a computer to produce a slide show of the conference.”

The job is an opportunity to show conference participants all sides of the event, he said.

“I get to show them what I see that they don’t get to see,” Rowe said.

Ware will be deeply involved in the presentation side of the conference as an Ambassador Team member. He was also required to submit a video which emphasized certain skills such as public speaking.

“I will be making some presentations on stage, helping with things like registration, and providing VIP assistance,” Ware said.

Thirty speakers are scheduled for presentations during the three-day conference. Ware is one of four students who will also speak at the conference. He sees the conference as an opportunity to hone a future in public service.

“I’ve admired the speakers and those who are on the Ambassador Team; and, it’s a good opportunity for an aspiring political figure,” Ware said.

Some 2,500 students from 259 schools across Arkansas and the region will participate in EAST competitions and other activities during the March 17-19 event. Rowe and Ware will be involved in some aspect of a total of 40 sessions planned for the conference.

Hope High School sophomore Richard Ware, left, and senior Timothy Rowe, right, will participate in leadership team roles at the 2020 EAST Conference in Hot Springs next week. Ware will join the Ambassador Team as a liaison to conference speakers and work in daily operations of the three-day conference, as well as speak in a large group session; while, Rowe will join the Documentation Team to photograph all aspects of the conference for a closing presentation and to maintain a visual record of the event. – Hope Public Schools

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