HHS Robotics team attends ‘BEST’ kickoff

Group travels to UA Little Rock for contest notice

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Hope High School Robotics Team members attended the BEST Robotics Kickoff at the University of Arkansas – Little Rock recently to learn about the competition protocols and robotics specifications for the annual BEST Robotics contest set for Nov. 3 at Barton Coliseum in Little Rock. This year’s theme is “Current Events” and will focus on ocean and other waterway recycling. Team members include Jacob Gunn, Zoltin Delosso, Trsitain Martin, Madison Hair, Benjamin Knight, Youvana Martinez, Jerry Noble, Jalen Pool, Kaitie Hooker, Samantha Bailey, Kelsey Reedy, Timothy Rowe, and Ally Fincher. Val Knight is team mentor and Kathy Knight is HHS robotics sponsor.

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