Hicks, Miller appointed at Prescott City Council

The Prescott City Council met for their April meeting this evening at the Prescott City Municipal Complex. The full meeting can be watched at SWARK.Today by clicking HERE. Below are a few highlights of the meeting.

The Council approved the appointment of two new positions which were recently vacated. John Miller was appointed the new City Recorder, taking over the position vacated by Robert Loe who resigned during the February meeting. Phyliss Hicks was appointed City Council Member Ward 3, Position 1, taking over the position vacated by Jerry Hightower, who resigned at last month’s meeting. Both Miller and Hicks are uncontested in the upcoming election, and since the positions are currently empty and no new nominations were made, the motions were submitted to have the two start now. The motions were approved and Miller and Hicks will finish out their predecessor’s terms. Mayor Terry Oliver welcomed them aboard. 

During her monthly report, Chief Ann Jordan informed council members of a new hire. Tyler Hicks, who is the son of Terry Hicks and son-in-law of Jerry Hightower, will be attending ALETA in May. Mayor Oliver said Hicks had a great interview and with his history in Prescott will be a great asset to the department. 

Prescott City Business Manager Bruce Bean brought to council members the lease renewal of a new trash truck. In May of 2020, the city entered into a 3 year, one month lease with Bancorp South for a 2020 Peterbilt trash truck. The lease balloons in June of next year. Bancorp proposed to lease the city a new truck, a 2022 Peterbilt, but with a two year lease. Bean said that should the council agree to proceed with considering the proposal, more specific details will be coming about the truck and lease agreement. Bean also said Bancorp would pay off the rest of the current lease early at no extra cost. The Council agreed to continue consideration of the proposal.  

As the meeting wound to a close, a few announcements were made.

City Council Member Patricia Roberts announced that on Thursday, May 5 at 6pm Ila Upchurch is having a banquet at the Prescott Junior High cafeteria. The recently awarded Citizen, Educator, Students of the Year and more award winners, will be recognized. She said it will be a fun night and she still has tickets for anyone who wishes to attend. 

Council Member Ivory Curry announced this coming Saturday is The Community Feed and invited all for food, fellowship, and relationship building. He said they are still accepting volunteers, as well, for anyone who would like to participate. 

Council Member Satarra Williams announced that tomorrow, Tuesday, April 19, a Scholarship Clinic will be held at Ila Upchurch at 5pm. She said seniors can receive help with applications, scholarships, housing, and other info regarding admissions to college. 

Click HERE to watch the full Prescott City Council meeting for April 2022.

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