Hillcrest Care & Rehab Named August 2020 Business of the Month

Hillcrest Care & Rehab in Prescott has been named the August 2020 Business of the Month.

Hillcrest Care & Rehab opened its doors in 1967, the owners are Eddie and Glen Arnold, Dr. Byron Grimmett and Steve Crow. The administrator is Ginger Turner.

The center is dedicated to enhancing lives, promoting physical and emotional well-being while preserving the dignity of each of their residents. It’s the kind of place where families can find caring and compassionate services that meet all their loved one’s needs.

Employing over one hundred-twenty-five in staff, with several being a part of the Hillcrest family for ten, twenty years and even thirty years, they are very dedicated to their duties and residents in the facility.

Hillcrest Care and Rehab has grown from a three wing sixty bed facility to a five wing ninety bed facility. They have added an inpatient rehab center that has expanded including an outpatient center containing speech, occupational and physical therapies. They have also built a secure unit to help protect the safety of resident’s needs. They provide a buffet style dining for the residents and also provide a more home like environment for their residents.

In 2015 Hillcrest Care and Rehab received the Arkansas Healthcare Association Culture Change Award and is a CMS 5-Star rated facility.

The facility has been home to a nurse from Pearl Harbor, county officials, an author, an artist, a lady baseball player from League of Their Own and numerous honored Veterans. They currently have a resident that is 102 years old. Hillcrest Care and Rehab plan are to continue providing a compassionate home away from home for their residents and a safe and welcoming workplace for the members of the Nevada County community.

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