Historic $4 Billion Investment In Arkansas Signed Into Law, Boozman Fails To Deliver For Third Straight Term

LITTLE ROCK – Today, President Biden signs into law the largest investment in Arkansas’s infrastructure for 100 years. The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act was passed recently into law with a bipartisan vote in both the House and Senate. Sadly, all of the state’s Congressional delegation voted against this once-in-a-century investment in Arkansas. In three terms, Senator John Boozman has failed to deliver any plan for Arkansas.

“Who does John Boozman think he is turning down $4 Billion for Arkansas? Is his blind spot really so big that he can’t see the potholes in our streets and the cracks in our bridges? That the future of our rural towns depends on real, working internet access? I don’t know what he’s thinking, but if I’m elected I’ll be voting ‘YES’ for Arkansas,” said Natalie James, Democratic Candidate for United States Senate.

“When I see something broken, I make a plan to fix it. Letting things sit, making plans to ignore problems, and waiting for someone else to do the heavy lifting isn’t the Arkansas spirit. We don’t want someone who fails to work but then shows up when ground is being broken on new projects claiming credit.

“We all know that our roads and bridges need repair, that our communities need affordable broadband, and that families and kids need safe, clean water. Finally, Arkansans are getting the investment we deserve.”
Natalie James is running for the United States Senate to expand access to affordable health care, advocate for a living wage, end big money in politics, move our nation forward on the climate crisis, invest in our public education system, and restore hope and trust in our government. She is a small-business owner, Chair of the Little Rock NAACP Political Action Committee, and Little Rock Land Bank Commissioner. 

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