Hope City Board Discusses Street Program, Traffic Signal Repairs, Engineering and Airport Timber

The Hope City Board meeting took place June 16 at 7 pm via Zoom. The meeting began with invocation followed by the reviewal of the minutes from the last meeting. The motion to approve was made by Director Trevor Coffee and seconded by Director Mark Ross. 

The board was presented with the recommendations for the 2020 Street Program made at the last Street Committee meeting last Thursday, June 11. The document showed the available revenue for programming at the amount of milling for $45,457, overlay for $269,958, drainage for $54,560, and miscellaneous for $130,000, which equals $500,000. The ditching is included and doesn’t cost anything specifically. 
The streets on the current list for milling are East 4th Street, McFerron Street, and South Grady Street. Hickory and another part of South Grady Street are on the list but will be worked on after the first 3 streets have been completed.
East 4th Street, McFerron, Hickory Street, parts of South Grady Street, South Cedar, Berry Street, and West Avenue A are on the list for overlay work. 
Future drainage projects on the agenda will be located on Industrial Drive, S Laurel Street, Sherwood Lane, 500 Princeton Drive, 1400 Grove Street and Spruce Street. 
The proposal was recommended to the board for approval and Director Don Still made a motion to adopt the program, seconded by Director Linda Clark.

In 2018 some traffic signals located at Bill Clinton Drive and South Main Street were damaged extensively from being struck by lightening. The 2019 budget for the street department didn’t include a sufficient amount of funds to account for the total cost of necessary repairs to the traffic signals. The signal is working properly on a timed clock but does not detect and adjust by vehicular movement like it is supposed to. Enough money to repair the signals was provided in the 2020 budget. HW&L performs the repairs on traffic signals in the city limits and has ordered the equipment for the repairs. They invoiced the Street Department for a reimbursement of $24,631.47. 
The law states that a bid process must take place for items in excess of $10,000 unless the City Board passes a waive bid ordinance. The Street department is seeking emergent authorization from the board to waive the competitive bidding shown in the ordinance presented to the board. 
The ordinance was read by City Manager Catherine Cook. The board members approved the waiving of the competitive bidding.

Cook stated that earlier this year she received a proposal for the cutting of timber at the Airport. She shared that the timber is getting to the stage of needing to be cut. Replanting of the trees for more crops in the future was mentioned to the board. The cost to thin the timber areas would run around $856,800. To thin around 556 acres and harvest some of it would cost $910,000. Right now the timber crop is all the same age after being planted in 1991 but the crop has been thinned twice since then.
The board agreed to further the discussion of this proposal to result in action being taken.

Manager Cook shared that the parts for repairing the Hope Public Pool have been ordered and the city will continue to work with HW&L on getting the pool up and running as fast as possible.
Southwell Company has been contacted about the sign for the Farmer’s Market. Cook visited with UAHT about fabricating the sign and with everything going on, they wont be able to work on this project as needed so other sign professionals will be contacted about the project until a business takes the project.
Other facilities in the City are being considered for opening based on the guideline updates by Governor Hutchinson.

The meeting was adjourned by Mayor Steve Montgomery and the board was dismissed until the next meeting on July 7, 2020 via Zoom.

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