Hope City Board on Step Grant, HPD Addition, Public Pool & Project Updates

The Hope City board met June 2 via Zoom to discuss recent matters on the agenda. The meeting was called to order by Mayor Steve Montgomery, followed by the pledge of allegiance.

The board reviewed and approved the minutes from the last meeting and moved to the next item. 

The Hope City traffic safety program and HPD have taken part in the NHTSA/Arkansas Highway Safety Office Step Grant program since 1998. 
The grant program is meant to reduce crashes in traffic, property damages and injuries in our area. The program funds are used for permitting overtime assignments, allowing HPD Officers to address impaired driving, speeding, distracted drivers and use of safety restraints. The HPD is looking for a $30,932 federal award with a match of $14,945.78. The application for the grant is due by June 15, 2020 allowing around $3,000 for purchasing and distributing safety seats for citizens in Hope. Director, Dr. Trevor Coffee made a motion to approve applying for the grant. The motion was seconded and approved by the board. 

The board was presented a video tour of the recently completed addition to the HPD, because performing an in-person tour would more than likely not be possible at this time due to COVID-19 guidelines. The addition is already being utilized by staff as of this week. Mayor Montgomery mentioned that they will work on organizing a ribbon cutting with the Chamber of Commerce in order to advertise the new addition to the public. J.R. Wilson shared that it will be a great new aspect to the HPD and they are thankful for the support during this project.

City Manager, Catherine Cook presented an update on the Hope Public Pool repairs that are being done in cooperation with Les Patterson from HWL and Jeremy Stone PE. Water lines by the pool have been inspected by camera equipment and sand filters have been checked by a group of city members revealing that there are still two sand filters experiencing mechanical issues. It was also concluded that there are problems with some of the 24 diffusers and Summer Powell is working to get quotes on replacing those. The Camera operation to inspect the lines cost about $300. Powell also stated that the main cost of the repairs will be the purchase of 50 pound bags of sand for the filters being around $9 each. 

City Manager, Catherine Cook shared that the City Hall roof project will open to accept bids on June 30, 2020 and they expect to receive a good amount of reasonable bids to consider before the first board meeting of July. The Farmers Market plaque design information was sent to Southwell Company, but no further information has been received yet. Cook has reached out to Jennifer Theresa about the Downtown Hope sign project, in efforts to find out if they will be able to be a part of it. If they are not available, quotes will be requested from other companies who specialize in making signs. Contract notifications for cemetery mowing were sent out to local contractors, but only one bid was received. Cook requested that notifications be sent out again to see if more bids will come in. The board okayed the plan and she stated they will be resending the contract notification immediately. AT&T has claimed they will soon be done with utility relocation on 6th Street in Hope and Cook shared she’s been seeing them working on it this week. Cook mentioned that city revenue was not down nearly as much as state revenue. She requested that there be a Street Committee meeting held soon to discuss the idea of doing a reduced part of the street program at this time and if the revenues look better in the future, then more can be done at when funds are back to normal.

There were no citizens request after the City Manager’s report and the meeting was adjourned. Their next meeting will be held June 16, via Zoom.

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