Hope City Council approves $500,000 Street Program

The Hope City Council unanimously voted to approve a $500,000 street program that was proposed at the monthly board meeting Tuesday

The program, which includes $52,238 for milling, $247,511 for overlay, $37,400 for pressure pave fog seal, $115,675 for drainage, and $47,176 for miscellaneous pipe, concrete, gravel, and turn lanes with the rest of the money going towards ditching, was considered by the Street Committee and has been sent to the Board with the Street Committee’s recommendation.

Chief of Police JR Wilson also proposed to the board to approve of the NHTSA /Arkansas Highway Safety Office Step Grant program, a traffic safety program that the Hope Police Department (HPD) has been apart of since 1998. The goal of the program is to reduce traffic related crashes, injuries and property damage.

HPD sought $32,254.34, which would go towards funding of overtime assignment to allow HPD Officers to address impaired driving, speeding, distracted driving and use of safety restraint. About $3,479.85 of the money would also go towards buying car seats to give to families who need them for their children. The board unanimously voted to approve of Officer Wilson’s request.

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