Hope Do-Nuts Reopening New Year’s Morning

After being contacted by HPD, Hope Do-Nuts owner Sofia arrived at her business on the morning of December 7 to find it wrecked after a man who was later arrested for DWI crashed his truck through the front of the building.

Hope Do-Nuts will be opening its doors for business again on the first morning of the New Year tomorrow after being closed for almost a month after a driver crashed his truck through the building in the middle of the night.

After a devastating call in the early hours of Saturday, December 7 letting her know her business suffered severe damage from a truck crashing through it, Hope Do-Nuts owner Sofia was shocked and anxious about how she would be able to pay her bills, provide for her employees and support her daughter. She arrived on scene to find the front of her business with a massive hole through it and debris scattered around the parking lot. An inspection of the interior revealed even more, with part of the door and walls strewn across the floor and the counter and donut rack knocked into the kitchen and equipment knocked over and into the back wall.

Sofia said she is glad to be reopening her doors to get the new year started and is very thankful to everyone who has shown her and her daughter support over the last several weeks. She said a lot of customers and even some people from nearby Clinton Primary and Sav-A-Lot have stopped in as work has been underway to repair the donut shop. Sofia said she is thankful to her landlord who quickly got the building repaired so she could get set up and back in operation.  

Sofia and her staff will be working away as many people are winding down their New Year’s Eve activities and will be opening up for business at 4:30 a.m. on Wednesday. She hopes to see many of her customers come by and say hello and will have free donuts available for the kids if parents bring them along.

You can stop by for donuts, kolaches, breakfast sandwiches, fresh coffee and more any time from 4:30 a.m. to noon.

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