Hope-in-Action Sees Need Rise During Holidays

Most of us drive by it on a regular basis without giving it any thought and many donate when we are made aware of a food drive carried out to give them resources, but few of us realize just how much Hope-in-Action does to help families throughout Hempstead County.

Maye Dulaney, of Hope-in-Action, said the food pantry provides food to about 300 families in Hempstead County each month and the requests for assistance increases around Thanksgiving and Christmas every year. Maye said the food pantry is seeing an increased demand, with 25 new applications on Monday alone.

Maye and her volunteers generally operate the Hope-in-Action food pantry Monday-Thursday from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. where they manage their stock, take in donations, distribute food and take applications from those seeking their assistance. Tuesday will be the last day they are open this week so the volunteers can have time with their families for Thanksgiving.

Those who request help for the first time are required to fill out an application and present their ID and Social Security card at Hope-in-Action at 606 W. Third St. in Hope. Donations are also received at the location.

Maye said they receive canned and non-perishable foods from individuals and food drives held around the community and receive chicken from Tyson Foods and Bread from Southern Bakeries to distribute.

Maye said, “We appreciate everything donated to us. It helps us to take care of people in the community.”

If you are planning on making a donation, Maye says there are some items that they always run short on and could use including canned meats (tuna, ham, SPAM, etc.), peanut butter, one-pound packages of rice and macaroni and cheese.

Hope-in-Action also accepts monetary donations which they use to fill in the gaps in the food they have available. You can donate at their location or send a check made out to Hope-in-Action to 606 W. Third St. Hope, AR 71801. You can reach Hope-in-Action by phone at 870-777-8227. Tuesday is the last day the pantry will be open this week so volunteers can spend Thanksgiving with their families. They will return to their normal schedule Monday November 26.

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