Hope Nutrition Shakes it Up

With the unusual structure of all our local business in the wake of COVID-19, owners of many businesses are getting resourceful, coming up with ways they can reward the community by giving back.

Sean Bittle, owner of Hope Nutrition is doing just that, he has set up a “Pay it Forward Project” in which they are donating and delivering healthy shakes and energizing teas to medical personnel and first responders in the Hope area.

Hope Nutrition has delivered shakes or teas each day this week to healthcare staff that have been nominated including, Heather Manor Nursing and Rehab, Wadley Emergency Room, DaVita Hempstead County Dialysis Center and CHRISTUS Trinity Clinic in Hope.

They welcome the community to get involved by nominating someone in the healthcare industry that you know and love that is working hard on the front lines of COVID-19 to keep us happy and safe. Next they are asking that you donate any monetary amount to the CashApp code $SeanBittle$SeanBittle

“Every dime will be used to give away shakes and teas to those that have been nominated.” Bittle said on Hope Nutrition’s Facebook page.

If you do not have the CashApp, you can use cash or card in the club, donate in store or you can make arrangements to donate through a custom form of payment.

Hope Nutrition will be contributing their own funds along with the donations the community provides. If you would like to get involved, you can check out this post on Hope Nutrition’s Facebook page HERE

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