Secret of Hope Public Schools ‘Flamingo Games’ is Out

HOPE – What’s the deal with the pink flamingoes sighted at various Hope Public Schools campuses?

The secret is out. It was all part of The Flamingo Games as the Clinton Primary School faculty flock flew from Hammons Stadium during a back to school exercise to acquaint new and veteran teachers. After dividing into teams, each team was given the same set of tasks to complete prior to reporting back to the CPS building for the conclusion of The Flamingo Games. Among the tasks was a requirement to plant a team flamingo on a Hope Public Schools property. Other tasks included take a selfie at an ATM; take a selfie with a local public official; video sitting on a couch singing the theme song from “Friends;” take a selfie of team Chinese fire drill… and, crazily on. Upon returning to CPS for the rest of The Flamingo Games, each team played Flamingo Bingo by checking off the tasks they completed as called by Assistant Head Flamingo Robin Townsend until a team “bingoed.” The team of Kaitlyn Burke, Brandy Frohnappel, Amy Rodgers, Virginia Moore, and Doris Kesterson won matching Flamingo glitter cups.The morning was part of the campus professional development component to a week of district and campus activities designed to provide teachers and administrators with updated information and training prior to the beginning of classes Aug. 13.

Clinton Primary School faculty members pose for a group photo for The Flock Rocks themed Flamingo Games, a day of get-acquainted fun and informational sessions prior to the start of school. The CPS “flock” was subsequently responsible for several pink flamingo sightings at HPS facilities around Hope. – Ken McLemore/Hope Public Schools

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