Hope Tea Party discusses elections, issues

Voter awareness and turnout crucial, group says

By Rick Kennedy, managing editor
Hope Tea Party heard a common theme decrying voter compliancy and apathy as the group gathered Thursday night in their longtime venue at Big Jakes in Hope.
Chair Barbara Cox said, “This election is so important with so much at stake; many people don’t show up, if there is not a Presidential election, but conservatives can not sit back and sit this on out.”
Cox and others in the room noted the spirited election season, which has already seen a number of close races in Arkansas and throughout the country.
“A statewide race in Kentucky was decided by just 83 votes, so voter participation counts more than ever before,” she said.
Cox did express some cautious optimism about voter turnout noting that dozens of items of campaign literature and yard signs were moving quickly, and she praise the work of the American Family Council’s campaign literature.
The group also devoted discussion to the state wide issues, acknowledging that two of them, Issue One and Issue Three, had since been removed from the ballot.
Cox noted, “These issues are so long and complicated, and it discourages voters as they try to sort through them. These state issues are important, and have consequences just as the national elections do.”
Cox, who has been an experienced local election poll worker in the past, offered “I remember observing some of the voters as they get to these issues, and you can see the look of confusion on their faces. It shouldn’t be that way.”
In other Tea Party news, the group heard from Jay Kopecky about the Kiwanis Club’s upcoming salute to Veterans in November.

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