Hope Tourism Commission Discusses Permits, Mural Project and County Fair Book Advertisement

The Hope Advertising and Tourist Promotion Commission meeting was called to order Tuesday, June 30th at 5pm via Zoom call.

The reviewal of the May minutes, revenue and expenses were approved by the commission and they proceeded to the new business items on the agenda. 

City Manager, Catherine Cook shared that every business is caught up on payments and permit requirements minus Angelo’s Italian Restaurant. In past meetings it was discussed on whether restaurants would have to pay separate property taxes on food trucks. The commission set that if the truck was parked on the property of the restaurant extra fees and permits were not required. The ordinance states that if they are behind and haven’t purchased their permits, they are to receive a letter informing them of intent to revoke their permit and they have 10 days to respond or their permit will be revoked. Angelo’s has been sent a notice because they haven’t paid any fees at all this year. The permit notice was sent out on June 3, 2020 so the commission decided to take the next step, revoking the permit to this business and if they want to contact the commission to work out some kind of situation, they will be willing to work with them. 

Bob Erwin and Barbara Nobles with the Downtown Hope Network and Chamber of Commerce Director, Beckie Moore were present in the meeting for this topic. The HDN and Chamber presented the idea of starting the Downtown Mural Project. The types of murals they prefer and potential locations are listed below. The project will be discussed further in future meetings as more information becomes available.

Every year the tourism commission has paid for 100 fair books for the Hempstead County Fair and last year the price to have printed at Pioneer Printing was $492.75. The proof of the 2020 Hempstead County Fair Book tourism page is shown below. At this time it is not certain that there will be a county fair this year due to COVID-19, but in the event the fair takes place, the commisson agreed to provide $500 to go towards advertisement.

The next tourism meeting will be decided upon at a later date.

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