Hope Water & Light provides update on Braodband Internet Service

From the offices of Hope Water & Light:

Hope Water & Light is excited to provide the latest update on its new Broadband Internet Service offering to the community! Our most exciting news is an answer to the most asked question we receive:  When can I get my home/business connected to the internet? Home installs will begin late March to early April 2023

Our Internet service is provided through a direct fiber optic connection to your home. The fiber optic connection provides symmetrical speeds up to 1 Giga bit per second. Check out our competitive pricing HERE.

Everyone who receives electric utility service from Hope Water & Light is eligible for this new Internet Service. If you have not already pre-registered for service please go to today and pre-register. 

We are currently complete with approximately 65-70% of mainline construction and 18% of fiber optic splicing construction. We estimate all mainline construction will be completed by the end of July 2023. 

We stress going to our web site at and pre-registering because the areas with the highest pre-registration counts guide our planning and scheduling for installation appointments. Our next step is to begin contacting those who have pre-registered to start the paperwork process and perform site surveys so that work can be scheduled.

We look forward to meeting the Broadband Internet Service needs of our customers. We have been very pleased with the service provided during our pilot project phase. Our desire is to provide a high quality product with unmatched customer service. Please join us today as we strive to bring this new business to our community.

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