House Fire Claims Life of Hope Man

A house fire in Hope Saturday tragically resulted in the death of a Hope man and a narrow escape by his sister.

At around 11:36 p.m. on Saturday, November 2, Hope Fire Department and officers from the Hope Police Department were dispatched to the 900 block of Henry C. Yerger St. to a residence across from Yerger Terrace that was on fire. HPD officers were first on scene, followed shortly by trucks from the HFD. When the call came in, it was reported that there was possibly still someone inside.

Officers and firefighters arrived on scene to find the house already engulfed. They immediately began looking for occupants. Officer Luke Sorenson located Deborah Gulley outside of the house. Gulley said she had been taking a bath when she realized the house was on fire and escaped out of a window. Officer Sorensen carried her to safety away from the house and near the street while other attempted to locate her brother, Larry Monk, 65, who also resided there. Gulley, clearly distraught, cried out for someone to get her brother out, telling officers where his bedroom was located.

According to the Hope Fire Department, firefighters located Monk inside the house a short distance from the east door and carried him from the house. Unfortunately, he had already died when they located him. Officers took him and moved him away from the house as the firefighters turned their focus to putting out the fire.

Pafford EMS made contact with Gulley and moved her into an ambulance where they could get her out of the cold and take care of her. She did not appear to be injure in the fire but was very upset. She was transported by Pafford to Wadley Regional Medical Center in Hope to be checked out.

Firefighters had the house fire well under control when a momentary water interruption allowed the fire to flare back up. They continued to actively fight the fire into the early morning hours until it was under control. They continued to monitor it throughout the early morning.

Officers on scene requested the on-call CID investigator, Hope Water & Light and the coroner.

Coroner Peters declared Mr. Monk deceased at the scene.

Mr. Monk’s cause of death and the cause of the fire have not been released. Investigator Green is still investigating at this time.

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