HPD, HCSO, & Pafford Introduce a Community Haunted Drive-Thru for Halloween

Representatives from the Hope Police Department (HPD), the Hempstead County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO), and Pafford Medical Services met today to plan a fun, safe community event for the upcoming Halloween holiday. This year, these organizations are presenting the community with a Haunted Drive-Thru at the Hope Fair Park on October 29 from 6pm to 9pm. Participants will enter through the front gate at Park Drive and exit either through the back gate or circle around to the Jones St. exit. There will also be a section of the event roped off and set aside for pedestrians to walk through. The committee members explained they decided on a drive-thru event this year because they still want to provide a fun, family event for the community, but also practice social distancing in view of the rising COVID19 numbers.

The planning committee is inviting other community agencies or churches to join in the fun, as well. These groups can either have their own booth/space in the Haunted Drive-Thru itself, or they can donate candy, services, etc. Any organizations interested in participating or donating to the Haunted Drive-Thru can contact Angela Gammage at the HPD, Marla Gullion at the HCSO, or Josh Whisenhunt at Pafford. The committee will meet again in two weeks for further planning.

More details to follow.

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