Hope Public Schools

HPS Board Meeting Agenda for April 19

The Hope Public School District will hold their regular board meeting on Monday, April 19, 2021 at 5:30pm. The meting will be held in the Administration Building, 117 East 2nd Street, Hope, AR 71801. Agenda is as follows:

(1) Call to Order
(2) Reports
(2.a) Approval of Minutes

Approval of Expenditures

Superintendent’s Report



(3) Unfinished Business
(4) New Business
(4.a) Classified Salary Adjustments (Possible Action)
Ed Examiner Position (Action)
Baseball Field Improvements (Possible Action)

(5) Other
(5.a) HVAC upgrades for HHS and CPS (Action)
Facilities Rental Request

Update for Board
Window Replacement
Plasma Air
Yerger Weight Room
CO2 Sensors
IAQ Assess
Bus Camera
(7) Adjournment

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