Hope Public Schools

HPS Regular Board Meeting Agenda

Ken McLemore

Hope Public Schools
Administration Building
117 East 2nd Street
Hope, AR 71801

Vision: World class students, World class learning, World class citizens
Mission: To provide ALL students a quality education through the collaborative efforts of the schools, families, and all stakeholders to create productive citizens in our ever changing society.

Monday, May 17, 2021 05:30 PM
(1) Call to Order
(2) Reports

Approval of Minutes
April 15th School Board Minutes.pdf
April 19th School Board Minutes.pdf
April 26th School Board Minutes.pdf

(2.a) Approval of Expenditures
April Balances Review 2021.xlsx
Operating Expense.pdf
Detailed Statement of Changes.pdf
Check Register.pdf
Detail Expenditures.pdf

(2.c.1) Superintendent’s Report
(2.c) Enrollment
(2.c.2)HCA letter
School Board letter.pdf

(4) New Business

(4.a) Student Handbook Revisions
2021-2022 Handbook Proposed Changes.pdf
Beryl Henry Elementary School Proposed Handbook Changes for the 2021-2022 Academic School Year.pdf
2021-2022 YMS Student Handbook Revisions.pdf
2021Student Handbook Revisions.pdf
Transportation Revised 2021-2022.PDF

(4.b) School Improvement plans (Action)
CPS Improvement Plan 2021-2022 recommendations from Solution Tree applied and RISE guidelines.pdf
BHE – SIP 2021-2022 (May 5, 2021).pdf
2021-2022 YMS School Improvement Plan.pdf
Updated_ HHS Improvement Plan 2021-2022pdf.pdf
21-22 HAPS-SIP.pdf

(4.c) Title V1B Application
Title V1B Application.PDF

(4.d) District Literacy Plan
HPSD Literacy Improvement Plan 2021-2022.pdf

(5) Other
(5.a) Waterford Purchase (Action)
Waterford Renewal for Board.pdf

(5.b) Renaissance Testing (Action)
Renaissance quote.PDF

(5.c) Facility Rental Request (Action)
Facilities Rental Request – Carey.pdf

(5.d) Data Request (Action)

(6) Personnel

(7) Adjournment

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