HPSD implements AMI Days for winter weather

'Alternative Method of Instruction' packets issued

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The Hope Public School District has begun an initiative to get ahead of inclement winter weather and other obstacles that create lost instructional time.
The HPSD has received permission from the Arkansas Department of Education to provide an “Alternative Method of Instruction” for typically lost time days when schools are closed because of weather, power outages or other unforeseen circumstances, HPSD Superintendent Dr. Bobby Hart said.
Principals on all five campuses of the HPSD sent explanatory letters home to parents of all students in the district on Nov. 30.
“Packets and procedures will be posted on each school’s website,” Dr. Hart said. “Future AMI questions should be directed to building principals.”
The letters were accompanied by packets which contain pre-planned instructional materials for students to complete if schools are closed.
“AMI days will be used instead of making up missed days on Holidays, Spring Break, or at the end of the school year,” the letter states.
Parents are advised in the letter to pay close attention to the materials included in the packets.
“Please put this packet in a safe place so you will know where it is should Hope School District have to close school during winter weather or other unforeseen circumstances,” the letter states.

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