HR Sweets

Hannah Montgomery

Hailey Rae Bane is an eleven year old with a passion for two things: baking and serving the Lord. In June of 2020, she came up with a way she could combine both of these things, and thus HR Sweets was born. Bane created HR sweets with one simple goal in mind, to be able to donate $24 to missionaries in a year. She is excited to announce that she has met her goal. When asked how much she has been able to give in the last year, Bane told us “The Lord has blessed me with way more orders than I could have ever expected! This year I was able to donate over $2400 to Missionaries in the Dominican Republic, Panama, Belarus, and Mexico. I was also able to donate to orphanages in India and Myanmar.” Bane’s dream is to one day visit these mission fields in person throughout the course of her life. 

Bane Bakes from home and offers a variety of sweets such as: cakes, cake pops, cupcakes, brownies, no-bake cookies, peanut butter balls, brownie batter bites, chocolate strawberries, and more. She will even deliver her sweets locally! You can order via her Facebook page, HR Sweets or via her mom, Ruth Ann Bane at 870-397-1986.

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