HWL Implements New User Friendly Payment Kiosk

HWL’s payment Kiosk has been in use since January 7, 2020.  It is a touch screen device similar to the ATM at the bank.  It is user friendly and takes all forms of payments.  You will need to have the account number, telephone number and the last name of the account holder’s information in order to use the machine.  Once you enter that information, you will need to decide which payment option you would like to use.  There is a screen option for checks, debt or credit cards and cash.  Once you select how you want to pay, enter the amount of your payment.  If you use a check, it is not necessary to sign it.  The machine will electronically read the check and give it back to you along with your receipt.  If for some reason the check reader does not read your check, there is an option to enter the routing and account number from your check manually.  You will also have the option to set up a Fastpass account.   The next time you make a payment Fastpass will allow you make a transaction by entering only your four digit pin once you scan the barcode on your FastPass document received during your setup.  If you setup Fastpass, you will need to keep the barcode that the machine provides you along with your four digit pin.  All payments using the Kiosk will be applied to your account immediately.  There is no waiting in lines to make payments and the payments can be made over the weekend, at night and during holidays to help avoid interruption of service.  The machine does not give cash back.  It is menu driven and very easy to use.  We encourage everyone to give it a try.  If you have any questions, please contact the customer service department at 870-777-3000

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