Information on Soil Sampling from the Extension Service

University of Arkansas Extension Service

Spring is here! Now is the time to take soil samples. But, due to the coronavirus, face to face communication is prohibited.

Now what to do?

1.First take your samples (fill a quart Ziploc bag 1/2 full- better to have too much than not enough).
2.Next mark your samples with a code to remember where they came from. ex. F1, F2, or North, South etc…
3.Fill out a card with your name and phone number to leave with your samples.
4.Place your samples and information card in a plastic bag.
5.Call the office, 870-777-5771, and let us know you need to drop off samples.

We will let you know where and when to drop them off. We will get them immediately and then we will call you to get the rest of the information we need. Easy peasy!! We are here to help!!

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