Daily Devotionals

Is There No King Among You?

Steve Ellison

As we continue our journey through the Bible examining the questions that God asks of various individuals and groups, we come to the book of Micah.  Here God interrupts a stream of alternating declarations of judgment and mercy with a question which He immediately restates.  Micah 4:9, “Now, why do you cry out loudly? Is there no king among you, Or has your counselor perished, That agony has gripped you like a woman in childbirth?” NASU Throughout the Bible, we find a recurring theme: Blessing is found in having God as our King and Counselor.   If He is not, it is because we have refused Him.  Virtually every one of us has reason to cry out in despair.  Virtually every one of us is or has been gripped by agony.  We ought to examine our lives to find out the reason.  The questions in Micah 4:9 lead us straight to the answer.  God desires to be King and Counselor in our hearts and lives.  If He is not, it is because we do not allow it.  He will not force Himself upon us.
Micah 4:6 describes a reprieve in the coming judgment.  It tells us that Christ will assemble the lame and the outcasts.  That is a wonderful truth with which we are well acquainted.  We recognize ourselves as the lame and outcasts.  Please do not miss the last part of verse six.  God declares that He is responsible for making the lame to be lame and the outcasts to be outcasts.  We have much to learn about the workings of God.  Everything that weakens us is good because it moves us toward real blessing which is accepting God as King and Counselor in our lives.  In fact, this is the best blessing; really it is the only true blessing.  In verse six, God declared that He was creating a kingdom of cripples.   God wants to be King and Counselor in our hearts because it brings Him glory.  It is also the only way to blessing.  God does not smite just to smite.  God smites in order to bless.  When circumstances seem the bleakest, that means we are taking another step in knowing the Lord; we are more dependent on Him than ever; He is closer than ever to being King and Counselor in our hearts.
The book of Micah continually shifts back and forth from three distinct declarations: judgment, future blessing, and far off in the future blessing.  The book of Micah has much prophecy about Christ.  Some of it involves His First Coming.  Some involves His Second Coming.  I have often wondered why the confusing shifting back and forth between two events so far apart in time.  It seems to me that God’s point is that judgment leads to blessing and that blessing in every age results from Christ being King and Counselor.  Micah goes to great lengths to drive home the point that Christ’s Kingship will bring first righteousness, then peace and blessing in both His First and Second Comings.  If righteousness, peace, and blessing come at those two times, it seems that is the case in our hearts as well.  If the twin questions of Micah 6:9 lead you to realize that Christ is not King and Counselor of every part of your life, you ought to also realize that it is because you have rejected it. The Ruler of Eternity entered time and space so that He could rule in my heart and life and yours.   He did it so we could have blessing.  Christ as King and Counselor in your heart is the only way to blessing. 

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