It’s A Watermelon Life-Pt 3: V&C Farms

Only eight days are left until the big event and there are still plenty of watermelons to be found. As promised, SWARK.Today is continuing its series over local watermelon stands and the dedicated people who work hard to bring the community that sweet, summer treat. Part three of “It’s A Watermelon Life” highlights V&C Farms whose stand is located in front of Heather Doucet State Farm on North Hervey. 

V&C proprietors are Vicente and Clara Gonzalez from Bodcaw. They’ve been bringing watermelons to the good people of Hope for 6 years now. At V&C they also grow squash, tomatoes, purple hull peas, and sweet, delicious honeydew melons. Their goodies are distributed to Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Maine, Louisiana, and all over Arkansas. If you’ve never gotten a watermelon from their stand, there is a good chance you’ve already had a V&C melon and didn’t even know it, because they also distribute to local sellers, too! Also, local restaurants like Amigo Juan’s and Pickett Fence serve V&C melons to customers during this time of year. 

V&C Farms is definitely a family operation. Vicente’s and Clara’s 6 children and 10 grandchildren all help plant, grow, and pick the melons. Sometimes uncles, cousins, and even in-laws join in the family fun. The farm isn’t Vicente’s and Clara’s only enterprise though. They also own and operate chicken houses, another Hempstead County staple. Between tending the farm and working the houses, the Gonzalezes stay pretty busy, but they do it happily because they do it with family. Even when they are at their stand, two of their grandkids, Emmanuel and Sarah, are lending a hand and spending quality time with Mama and Pa. One could say that cultivating watermelons this way, surrounded by loved ones and happy occasions, could make them an even sweeter treat than your everyday watermelon.     

This time of year, Vicente and Clara can be found most days at the V&C Farms stand in front of Heather Doucet State Farm on North Hervey; Fridays and Saturdays they try to be there most of the day to be available for customers. Their melons range from $8 to $15 depending on size, and the prices for the veggies and honeydew vary, as well. With only eight days left until the Watermelon Festival, the clock is ticking; so the time to sample a V&C Farms melon is now. Vicente and Clara, plus little Emmanuel and Sarah, look forward to sharing their family-grown watermelons.

Stay tuned to SWARK.Today for part four of “It’s A Watermelon Life.”

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