It’s A Watermelon Life Pt 4: Barry’s Grocery With Orange Watermelons!

Orange watermelons on the bottom two rows, pink watermelons on top

As our series continues, we could not forget to include Barry’s Grocery &Market in our list of those who live a watermelon life. Barry’s has been bringing fresh, locally grown watermelons to the Hope community for almost 70 years! The watermelons at Barry’s even have something unique included: orange watermelons! That was something new for this reporter. As Duane, Barry’s manager, was listing the types of watermelons for sale, it was quite the surprise to hear him say he had orange watermelons. Pink, yes; yellow, yes; orange…. can you repeat that, please sir? These orange watermelons are more round in shape with dark green stripes on the rind. Don’t let the color fool you though, they are just as tasty and delightful as the pink or yellow melons. With the Watermelon Festival fast approaching, what better time is there to try a different version of Hope’s favorite, sweet treat?

These watermelons, as well as the rest of Barry’s melon stock, are grown right down the road on the outskirts of Hope toward the DeAnn area. However, watermelons are not the only thing Barry’s has to offer. In addition to the wide variety of other fresh fruits and vegetables available in the store, Barry’s is a full-service grocery store that even has a meat market in the back. Customers can get anything needed for preparing a meal including a fresh-cut steak for the grill, a fresh potato for baking, and any of your favorite fruits, also fresh, for making a cobbler. Barry’s has canned goods, dry goods, refrigerated items, sodas, snacks, and much much more. Barry’s Grocery & Market is a one-stop shopping establishment where customers can knock off those items on their weekly grocery list while also grabbing a fresh, locally grown watermelon, pink, yellow, or orange, to celebrate this watermelon season.

Barry’s Grocery & Market is located at 301 East 2nd street in downtown Hope. Hours are Monday through Saturday 7am to 6pm.

Stay tuned to SWARK.Today for Part Five of “It’s A Watermelon Life.”

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