It’s A Watermelon Life – Pt. 5: The Three Little E’s Farm

Emma, Evan, and Ella

Six days until the big event and there are still plenty of sweet, juicy watermelons to be found! The Three Little E’s Farm, located in Springhill, Arkansas, are in their second year of growing watermelons and they use a very special process to tend to these melons. They are planted, grown, picked and sold by the three little E’s themselves: Emma (8), Evan (5), and Ella (2) Johnson. Watermelons aren’t their only crop, either; they also grow cantaloupe and purple hull peas, plus they raise cows. These kiddos know exactly what they are doing, too, because this reporter learned a thing or two when visiting the farm! Emma said she looks for the brown curly q to know when to pick the watermelons. Evan is a pro, as well, and makes sure there is no green on the rind before picking the cantaloupe. Plus, Ella knows to look for the purple shells when picking those peas. They might like to taste-test some of their products quite often, but really they could say they are just getting a head start on Quality Control. These youngsters already have a plan for the profits, as well. All money raised from their melons and vegetables go straight into the kids’ college funds. Both Emma and Evan said they enjoy working on the farm. Evan says, “I like to pick the cantaloupe; it’s fun!” and Emma says, “It’s hot sometimes, but I really like it out here.” The kids have learned these gardening tips from their parents and grandparents who have been growing watermelons for years. It sounds like, for the Three Little E’s carrying on a family tradition has never been sweeter.

The Three Little E’s watermelons can be found in local farmers’ markets. Saturday, July 1st they will be at Gateway Farmers” Market in Texarkana, and Tuesday, August 3rd at the Hub in downtown Hope.

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