It’s A Watermelon Life – Pt.6: Kris England

Only two days are left until the Watermelon Festival, and only two parts are left in our series, “It’s A Watermelon Life.” Part Six features those sweet, juicy Hope Watermelons from Kris England’s stand on North Hervey across from Ivan Smith. This stand is open every day of the week, weather permitting, and it offers melons of various sizes and prices: small for $8, medium for $10, and large for $12. The stand’s caretakers are Graci and Kaitlyn, two lovely ladies who can manage melons with the best of them. They can provide more for their customers than just watermelons, though; they can also make shaved ice! A shaved ice stand accompanies this mini, melon market with a variety of flavors available. This stand has a little bit of history attached to it, as well. This watermelon stand has been around for almost 30 years, previously owned by Jackie May from Bodcaw. Kris has had this stand now for five years and has hopes to carry on the tradition of selling watermelons that were raised right here in the Hope area. So whether one is craving that favorite of summer fruits, just needs to cool off with a sweet, icy treat, or enjoys the history of famous Hope watermelons, this stand offers all of it. Just stop by Kris England’s Hope watermelon stand and take your pick, or… have all three!

Stay tuned to SWARK.Today for Part Seven of “It’s A Watermelon Life” which features the Bingham’s stand!

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