It’s A Watermelon Life – Pt. 7: Chad and Sherri Bingham

That’s it for this year folks! Tomorrow begins the start of the 45th Annual Watermelon Festival and this is the last of the series, “It’s A Watermelon Life.” Part Seven features Bingham’s Hope Watermelon Stand on Highway 29 South about a mile past UAHT. Chad and Sherri Bingham have grown watermelons for around ten years on their farm in Bodcaw, so it’s safe to say they have their melon methods well-established. They sell by the melon, various sizes and prices, and they also sell wholesale loads. Their stand isn’t just functional; it’s also pleasing to the eye with charming watermelon decor and rustic farm equipment on display. We can’t talk about the stand, though, without mentioning Sherri’s sweet uncle, Tim Maroon. Tim helps out on the farm and with the stand, when needed. He can provide all the information needed when picking out that perfect melon to take home. Most of all, encountering his pleasant personality makes a visit to this stand even more sweet. To try out one of the Binghams’ delicious, summer treats, visit 4376 Hwy 29 South and speak with Chad, Sherri, or Tim.

SWARK.Today wants to give a big thanks to all the folks who work hard each year to bring Hope’s favorite treat to the community. To celebrate them and the end our series, here’s a little something for the dedicated men and women who live a watermelon life. Until next year!!!

It’s been a fun ride, but good things must end. 
It’s the end of our series, the last in the trend.
We brought you melons from the Farms V & C;
Plus, the ones from the cutie Three Little E’s.
McNiel and England had melons and shaved ice;
Barry's had orange ones, did you try a slice?
Saunders' sweet fruit was on Main and 29,
And now for the last one, the end of the line.
It’s last, but not least, the Binghams' great stand.
Every one of these folks has brought something grand.
Planning and working from day until night,
Rain or shine, no matter, they bring it with might.
Those famous Hope melons, a treat just for you:
Their brethren, their people, their community, too.
They spend all day in the heat and the sun 
To dole out some happiness and a bit of fun.
They smile and say thank you, no matter their strife. 
Because for them, they are happy with the watermelon life. 

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