JACO Meats Welcomes Westerman During a Stop on Annual Agricultural Tour

Rep. Westerman visits with Jacob Askew and Colton Capps of JACO Meats

U.S. Representative Bruce Westerman made a stop at JACO Meats today during the first leg of his annual Agriculture Tour across the Fourth District. JACO Meats is the first USDA-approved meat processing operator located in Southwest Arkansas in 25 years. JACO provides customers with the customized meat processing of deer, pork, beef, and other meats, such as tenderizing, vacuum packaging, breakfast sausage, and more. JACO has been in business since 2014, but recently opened the new facility on Highway 29 South. Westerman stopped in to visit with proprietors Jacob Askew and Colton Capps, plus take a tour of the new facility. This is just one of many stops for Westerman while he travels the district to meet with farmers and other agricultural operators and offers them an opportunity to discuss points of concern and possible solutions.

Askew and Capps said they were pleased with the visit from Westerman. “I thought it went well,” Capps said. “We appreciate the chance to have a conversation with our Representative about issues in our field of agriculture.” Askew said he also was grateful for the opportunity and described Westerman as, “a really nice guy.” Askew shared with Westerman and others during the tour that he was excited to be able to share JACO’s latest accomplishment of opening the new facility. He said, “It’s been a lot of hard work, but it’s definitely been worth it.”

JACO Meats has more in store for the community and it is coming soon. Stay tuned to SWARK.Today for continuing coverage.

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