Jeepers Creepers, Better Close Your Peepers, The Haunted Hall

Haunted Hall is happening right now and you do not want to miss out on your chance to tour the spookiest hall in Hope! A wicked weave of webs leads through a maze of rooms filled with creepy dolls, ghosts, spiders, snakes and all things ghoulish. Hair-raising sounds can be heard throughout the dark tunnels, twists and turns with lights flashing, a curtain here and there, will someone jump out? Well…you’ll have to go to find out. However, if you are the skittish type, just let them know before you go in and a safe word will be given to allow you to experience the tame, less scary parts of Haunted Hall. Now, I can’t say that Mr. Creepy won’t still be creepy but I assure you he really is a nice guy, one that gives “shots” but also candy.

The staff at Hempstead Hall, of course, did not forget about the younger kiddos, a game room has been set up just for them. They also have an escape room. Follow the clues, solve the riddles and find your way out.

“We’re always looking for new and interesting ways to engage the community, and the Haunted Hall has been one of the most exciting things we’ve done recently. There’s a little something for everyone: from mild activities and a tame tour to the escape room and the scary tour. Let us creep you out this Halloween!” Amanda Lance, Director of Hempstead Hall said.

The Haunted Hall is open until 8 pm tonight, reopening at 11 am tomorrow and closing the doors at 8 pm once again. Admission is $5 at the door, UAHT students, no charge. Enter if you dare!

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