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Jefferson County Sheriff sues his county judge and quorum court for lack of funds


by Arkansas Press Association Paid News Distribution Service

Lafayette Woods, Jr., Sheriff of Jefferson County has filed a lawsuit in the Circuit Court of Jefferson County on March 21, 2022 against the Quorum Court of Jefferson County and County Judge of Jefferson County.

The lawsuit is a Petition for Declaratory Judgment, Writ of Mandamus, and Request for injunctive relief.    

The Petition states that the Jefferson County Quorum Court members have failed to appropriate sufficient funds for various departments that fall under the scope of responsibilities for the Sheriff’s office and his detention centers.  Exhibits to the complaint reflect basic services such as electric bills and medical expenses for the Juvenile Justice Center have been denied for lack of appropriation. 

The lawsuit further dictates that the Ordinance setting forth the appropriations is unconstitutional and that the Quorum court failed to set forth the necessary funding for county functions mandated by law.  The petition state that the Sheriff has the responsibility for managing the detention centers, but that the legislative branch has failed to provide necessary funding relating to the services that are compelled to be funding appropriately. 

Kimberly Dale of Branch Thompson Warmath Dale & Butler represent the Petitioner in the action filed on March 21, 2022 in the Circuit Court of Jefferson County.  

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