Jesse Gibson again finishes first in Politically Correct melon-eating contest

Democratic nominee for Arkansas Attorney General Jesse Gibson, for the second year in a row, won the annual Politically Correct Watermelon eating competition. First runner-up was GOP gubernatorial candidate Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ husband Bryan.

The contestants included Nick Ward, Democratic nominee for Hempstead County Clerk; Lacey Singleton, standing in Sheriff James Singleton’s stead; Kim Smith, Hempstead County Assessor; Judy Flowers, Hempstead County Treasurer; Mark Ross, member of the City of Hope Board of Directors; Jackson Plyer in the stead of Keith Sullivan, Republican nominee for Hempstead County Sheriff; Karen Smith, Hempstead County Clerk, Mark Lowery, Pulaski County State Representative, Sanders and Gibson.

Under the contest’s rules, whoever eats their slice of melon down to the rind the fastest wins.

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