Just a ‘Wild Life”

Salem Short enjoying some quality time with her ‘pet cheetah’

Since in class instruction is now dismissed for the remainder of the school year, many parents may be running out of creative ways to keep their children occupied after they complete their AMI work. While there are tons of ideas on the internet for learning and crafts, there is one activity that every parent can do with their child that will incite lots of laughter and plenty of memories during this time.

What if you could see an animal in your house? Not just any animal, but those giant creatures that are not native to our area? Creatures like a wolf, a shark, a squid or even a cheetah? Well, you absolutely can!

All you have to do is google search for an animal name on iPhone or Android, click on “all” instead of images then press “view in 3D.” It will open your camera and soon you can see that particular animal moving in the room with you. Your kids can walk around with wildlife or take a picture of the critter with someone else.

Animals you can search for include: lion, tiger, cheetah, shark, hedgehog, duck, emperor penguin, wolf, angler fish, goat, rottweiler, snakes, eagle,brown bear, alligator, horse, shetland pony, macaw, pug, turtle, cat, octopus or a dog.

So go ahead, open up the camera on your phone and snap a shot of your kiddos with their favorite beast or even better make a video. When you do, post them in the comments for everyone to see.

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