Klipsch Heritage Museum Association Hits a Milestone Moment

January 24, 2022 
Hope, AR

Klipsch Heritage Museum Association (KHMA), Inc., a nonprofit organization formed in 2016, celebrated a milestone moment in January 2022 when the organization hired its first Executive Director, Beckie Moore, a Hope, AR native. 

Ms. Moore will begin her service with KHMA on February 28, 2022. “We are thrilled that Beckie accepted our offer to serve as Executive Director,” said KHMA Board of Trustees Chair Richard Groves. “She sees the importance of KHMA for Hope, AR. And she sees the tremendous value and opportunity for sharing KHMA’s missions beyond Hempstead County reaching throughout the country and around the world.” 

Among her many duties, Ms. Moore will manage KHMA day-to-day operations, represent KHMA in the community, develop and conduct fund raising activities, develop programs and services to further KHMA’s mission, and to raise awareness of Paul W. Klipsch (PWK) and Klipsch & Associates that operated in Hope, AR beginning in 1946. “To say I am excited about my new place of service is an understatement,” Ms. Moore said. “I am thankful to remain in Hope and remain vigilant about growth and development opportunities that will benefit our community.”  

PWK and Klipsch speaker fans formed KHMA to foster interest in science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (STEAM) following the example of PWK, a proud member of the Engineering and Science Hall of Fame and an American audio pioneer whose speaker technology innovations forever impacted generations of music lovers. KHMA’s mission is to restore, preserve, maintain, and display Klipsch and Klipsch-related artifacts and archival materials for historic purposes, as well as to conduct pertinent historical research and to host educational activities and events. 

Ms. Moore’s extensive executive director experience with several non-profit organizations and the Hope-Hempstead Chamber of Commerce led the KHMA Board of Trustees to elect her as a Trustee in July 2020. KHMA expanded its presence in Hope, AR, over the years prompting the Board to hire Ms. Moore as Executive Director during the January 13, 2022, Board of Trustees meeting. According to Mr. Groves, “Beckie understands our many missions, goals, and ambitions to be a world class, travel destination museum. We are very impressed with her experience and excitement about spreading word of the Museum and encouraging people from around the world to visit Hope and experience the wonder of PWK’s audio history.” 

KHMA goals include involvement in downtown Hope business revitalization and historic preservation. In 2022, the organization plans to open the Klipsch Visitors Center strategically located next to the Clinton Birthplace National Historic Site near downtown Hope.

KHMA also plans activities at the Paul W. Klipsch Municipal Auditorium in the Hope City Hall to play a key role in downtown development. The KHMA Education Center at the Hope Municipal Airport plans programs with the Hope Public School District to expand STEAM education opportunities. The Klipsch Museum of Audio History across from the Klipsch & Associates production plant contains outstanding artifacts pertaining to PWK that people everywhere should embrace, acknowledge, and celebrate. Each of KHMA’s four locations will be instrumental in the development of KHMA’s link to STEAM education and tourism growth. 

One of Ms. Moore’s first projects as Executive Director is a major, four-day event from March 9 through March 12, 2022, coinciding with and celebrating PWK’s birthday. She will release more information soon pertaining to daily activities, programs, and events surrounding this special occasion.

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