Klipsch Heritage Museum Association seeking volunteers


March 24, 2022, Hope, Arkansas, The Klipsch Heritage Museum Association (KHMA) is seeking volunteers for the KHMA campus that includes four facilities. Volunteers, ages 16 and older, may undergo training to serve as docents in the Klipsch Museum of Audio History, the Klipsch Municipal Auditorium, and the KHMA Visitors Center.

KHMA is seeking docents who are enthusiastic, creative, and enjoy sharing their knowledge and excitement about Paul W. Klipsch’s history with the public. They will present engaging and interactive tours at the various KHMA facilities.

The museum has an impressive assortment of important artifacts. Early sketches, prototypes, and unique experiments from Paul W. Klipsch’s personal collection are on display. Volunteers will learn the story behind the story and be able to welcome visitors (locals and tourists) and lead tours as scheduled.

The Klipsch Municipal Auditorium, which is housed on the upper floors in Hope City Hall, will soon be alive with the sound of music as well as a wide variety of entertainment. Volunteers will serve as greeters, work the ticket area, and operate the concession table as needed.

The KHMA Visitors Center is the newest facility within the association. Volunteers at the Visitors Center will receive training to direct tours throughout the 1920s historic home as well as training to work in the KHMA Gift Shop that is located near the front entrance of the center.

Beckie Moore, KHMA executive director stated, “KHMA docents will play an integral role in presenting the mission, vision, and purpose of our KHMA campus to tourists and locals alike.”

Volunteers will help us preserve audio history while promoting STEAM education through the groundbreaking work of Paul W. Klipsch. To learn more about PWK and the ongoing work and services, please visit

If you are interested in undergoing training to serve as a KHMA Volunteer Docent, please contact Beckie Moore at [email protected].  

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