Kopecky House removal commences in city of Hope

By Rick Kennedy, managing editor
With rains finally finished for a few days, work on removal of the Kopecky House started full force this week as initial efforts on tear-down and removal were evident Monday.
After purchasing the property in May 2018, it has long been a goal of Hope city leaders to remove the Kopecky House, an old two-story residential structure at 410 W. 2nd Street, from its lot adjacent to the Atwoods parking lot and the Clinton Historic Birthplace.
When the city agreed to the purchase, the general idea advocated and credited to both Mayor Steve Montgomery and Don Still was to remove the structure, and put in a parking lot along with a park with tables for visitors visiting the Clinton home and a Veterans commemorative, although what form that is to take is presently unclear.
Jay Kopecky, the former owner of the house as well as a strip of commercial property fronting Hervey Street, agreed to sell the two properties to the City of Hope, and the City approved the purchase for the properties for $60,000. Kopecky is a well-known and respected advocate for Veterans and military service.

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