Lance & Associates Joins Hope Farmers’ Market

Lance & Associates Real Estate hosted the Hospitality Table at the Hope Farmers’ Market this morning and provided a bevy of treats and goodies for market patrons. The Lance & Associates team said they were delighted to participate in this weekly event and that they were enjoying the community fellowship. “It’s been a fun day!” said Steve Lance, Owner/Principal Broker of Lance & Associates. “We’ve been doing this every year since they started Farmers’ Market, and we look forward to many more years of participating with our local farmers and vendors. We enjoy any event where we can get out and spend time with members of our community.”

New vendors at the market today were Sadler J & M with fresh eggs, Wayne Rosenbaum with peas and squash, and Green Farms with fresh plums. Other vendors in attendance today were Silvey Farms, Solomon Farms, Arnold Farms, Salinas Farms, Mint Man, Hannah’s Berries, Carolyn’s Kitchen, Young Sprouts, and Farm on the Hill.

Hope Farmer’s Market takes place at the Hub in downtown Hope every Tuesday from 7am to 11am, providing locally-grown fresh produce, eggs, beef, baked goods, homemade wares, and more for local residents. Some vendors can accept PayPal, WIC vouchers, and debit cards, in addition to cash pay.

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