Lance & Associates Real Estate Celebrates Lindsey Townsend

Today in our Celebration Corner, we recognize Lindsey Townsend of Lance & Associates Real Estate. Lindsey has accomplished a victorious feat by earning her Executive Broker’s License. This is no easy task. Only 20 percent of agents get their broker’s license, and even less proceed to the executive broker level1. With a lot of hard work, encouragement from many loved ones, and a leap of faith, Lindsey has scored a major triumph with this achievement. 

Lindsey began her journey in real estate at Lance & Associates almost eleven years ago, and the majority of that tenure has been spent as a sales agent. Days filled of matching potential buyers with their ideal home so they can then earn the coveted role of homeowner allowed Lindsey to see early on she had found her calling. “I enjoy helping people find the home that is just right for them,” says Lindsey. “It’s so rewarding to be in a profession which guides and supports others in making their dreams come true, especially a first-time homeowner. There is no greater feeling than watching someone as he or she sees that perfect home for the first time.” 

Recently, Lindsey decided to take a huge step and work towards earning her Executive Broker’s Licence. A requirement of classes and exams had Lindsey buckling down and preparing for the road ahead. Her husband, Wade, was confident from the start though that Lindsey would succeed. “I knew she would do well,” says Wade. “Lindsey can achieve anything once she sets her mind to it. I am so proud of her.” 

Given her full calendar outside of work, this victory is even more impressive. Lindsey and Wade stay active with their two lovely children, Henry (11) and Allison (9). The family spends much of their time together competing and performing in rodeos. Both children are highly skilled: Henry in breakaway roping and calf-tying, Allison in running barrels/poles and goat-tying. Like every working mother, Lindsey was reluctant to take on extra tasks like classes and exams, but after much encouragement from Wade and Steve Lance she decided to take the leap. The results paid off!

With her Executive Broker’s License now firmly secured, Lindsey still spends her days connecting soon-to-be homeowners with their quintessential abodes, but now she can supervise other agents and take on more responsibilities in the agency. Steve Lance, Owner/Principal Broker of Lance & Associates, says this feat will allow Lindsey more opportunities in the future. “This is a major accomplishment and there are very few who can achieve what Lindsey has,” he says. “By earning her Executive Broker’s License, more options are available and she has poised herself for a long career in this business. Lindsey is truly an asset to this agency and one of the best sales agents, now a broker, in Southwest Arkansas.”

When asked how she felt after learning she passed her exams and received her license, Lindsey’s reply was, “I was a little surprised, but mostly relieved it was over!” She laughed and then continued, “I am proud, and so glad I decided to go for it.” Now that Lindsey has completed her goal and attained one of the most notable objectives in real estate, she is continuing to do what she does best, serving the community by partnering cherished homes with their delighted, new owners. A true matchmaker if there ever was one. 

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1Statistic from the National Association of Realtors

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