Last Big Sound Downtown concert saw Dusty Rose Band go cosmic in The Hub

Jason Springer and Lee Brooks performing at the last Klipsch Big Sound Downtown of summer 2022.

The last but nowhere near least Big Sound Downtown concert put on by Klipsch Museum of Audio History featured perhaps the Ark-La-Tex’s most popular act, the Dusty Rose Band.

Comprised of lead singer Jason Springer, whose dear departed aunt Dusty, with her rose ankle tattoo, inspired the band’s name, guitarist Lee Brooks, bassist Barry Hurula and drummer Russell Cobb, the band delivered a virtuosic performance in The Hub. It played several originals and utterly transformed songs made famous by the Georgia Satellites, Phil Collins (their “In the Air Tonight” was epic), Matchbox 20, Prince and George Strait, adding supervascular muscle from Hurula and Cobb and spikey bluesyness from Brooks.

Lee Brooks’ guitar work daubed kaleidoscopic whirls around every tune’s chords with never an errant brushstroke. Meanwhile, Springer was an energetic phenomenon, continually engaging with the audience. He sounds like the working man he is, which has the effect of keeping Brooks’ ambitious jamming grounded. While Brooks’ solos would be suited to the soundtrack of the galaxy-laden James Webb telescope photos, Springer describes the unit as “a country, rock and roll, just get-into-it, have a great time band.” That they are, but so much more.

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