Law Enforcement Careers Explored

HOPE – The Hope Police Department has grown from a single city marshal in 1875 into a modern law enforcement organization which offers challenging opportunities and a unique relationship with the local community Hope High School SRO Corporal Davey Jones told HHS Noble Impact class students in a recent career presentation.

School Resource Officer Jones represented the Hope Police Department as the Hope Public Schools’ Employer of the Month.

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“I got into law enforcement from the actual desire to help people in the community,” Cpl. Jones said.

A 10-year law enforcement veteran, Jones has been a sworn officer for the HPD for 8 years, and has served as a School Resource Officer for five years. He is currently stationed at Hope High School, where he provides initial response capability for matters requiring a law enforcement presence.

Jones outlined the various responsibilities within the HPD, explaining the distinctions between patrol duties, warrant service officers, school resource duty, reserve officer roles, animal control officer responsibility, and communications and administrative positions.

Minimum qualifications for employment by the HPD include U.S. citizenship, high school or equivalent education, valid driver’s license, no felony convictions, good physical health, good moral character, and applicants must be at least 21 years of age.

“Officers participate in many aspects of the criminal justice system,” Jones said.

They are sworn to protect citizen rights, patrol traffic to maintain safety, arrest criminal offenders, undertake investigations and testify in court proceedings as a result. Jones said HPD officers are required to maintain state-outlined firearms certification and self-defense training.

Applicants for HPD employment must pass a written examination after submitting an application for employment, and must be approved by an interview board. Candidates must pass a state criminal background check, and undergo both physical and psychological examinations.

Jones said he likes the idea of working with people within the community to improve life in Hope and build a safe community.

The HPD offers numerous benefits, as well as pay increases for Arkansas Law Enforcement Training Academy graduation and state certification. Health and retirement benefits are also offered as are vacation, sick leave and education tuition benefits.

Application packets for HPD careers may be obtained at the Hope Police Department, 312 S. Washington St., in Hope, or at online.

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