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Let God build your fidelity

Courtesy: Daniel Bramlett
Fidelity. Now there’s a word you don’t hear much anymore. A quick Google shows that it is used almost exclusively by the banking industry. For a few of us out there, fidelity has another meaning. It means to be sexually true to the one who heard you say “I do.”
“C’mon, Daniel! That’s just old fashioned! Everybody fudges in that area every now and again.” It does seem that way, doesn’t it. I’m not just talking about sex-ed either. Our culture has degenerated sexually. Once upon a time there was a standard of ethics that said what was wrong and what was right. That standard has all but disappeared. I realize I sound like I’m stuck in the 50’s looking back on the teens right now, but this is how I feel. Why would I feel this way? Because I look to a standard that the media, the condom industry, and the porn market refuse to inspect. Its origin? God Himself.
When the idea of marriage was first conceived, it came out of the mind of God. He saw that man, Adam, was lonely and He created woman (literally, out of man) as his companion. Woman and man, the Word says, became one flesh (that is, they had sex). They knew each other in a way that only husband and wife are designed to know each other. They gave themselves to each other. A bond was drawn between them that is not known between any other two human beings on earth.
You can argue that the world has modernized and left antiquated practices like fidelity in marriage behind, but you’d be wrong. Infidelity has been around since the beginning of time. You just think America is bad with its porn and sex slavery? You should have seen ancient Rome. Unfaithfulness to your mate is not a new idea, but it certainly has become culturally acceptable in the last 50 years.
What kills me is that we look at our teenagers and say “That’s just the way things are nowadays!” As if there’s nothing we can do about a lax moral culture. Wake up, Christians! Truth is truth no matter the mouthpiece. If you begin to model fidelity in your home for your children and grandchildren, they will take notice and give you a wide open door to explain what faithfulness in marriage is all about.
I’m not suggesting we act like a bunch of hoity toity tight wads who never play cards and enjoy ourselves. I’m suggesting we begin to take a hard look at the junk that passes through our homes and our brains and begin to turn the faucet off. Let me give you an example. You say “I would never cheat on my wife!” Fine. Do you watch movies with characters who do? Do you immediately flip to the lingerie ads in the newspaper? Do you glare at billboards and commercials that glamorize near nudity? I believe this is exactly what Jesus is talking about when He says if any man even looks at a woman with lust, he has committed adultery with her in his heart. Not only is there something between you and that woman on the screen, there’s a break you’ve introduced between you and your wife! Think I’m exaggerating? Take me up on it. Take a break from all things sexually alluring, outside of your wife, and see if God doesn’t light a fire between you and your wife. I’m not kidding!
Ladies, you are probably agreeing with everything I’m saying at this point…and I’m glad. But you are not exempt. Just because you are female doesn’t mean you can’t succumb to sexual temptation. Nor does it mean you can’t initiate it. For example, how many of you read People magazine or Cosmo? It is full of sexual garbage. What about the latest fashion magazines? Do you realize what those clothes are designed to do? They work to make your body attractive to every man that walks by. The tighter they fit, the more the guys look…i.e. the more attention you get and the better you feel about yourself. Your body is a gift from God for your husband to enjoy and nobody else! Dress beautifully. Wear fashionable clothing. I’m not asking you to walk around in overalls every day with your hair in a bun and no makeup on. I’m asking you not to build your wardrobe so that every man in town can’t wait to get up and see what comes out of your closet the next day. Don’t initiate a sex drive in any man other than your husband for 30 days and see if God doesn’t ignite a fire in your soul for him and him only!
This isn’t magical and it certainly isn’t trendy. This is just Biblical. Consider this on Valentine’s Day: If fidelity means something to you; if sexual ethics are loose in your home; if you are ready for a change in the area of purity…take a hint from the Word of God: God’s way is best. God can make your marriage bed the sweetest place in the house, if you abide by his rules. If you rebel, it will become a bitter place full of resentment and even hatred. Let God build your fidelity. That’s an investment that will never go bad.

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