Lions Install Officers with admiration and respect

Lions Club members and special guests gathered recently for an obvious good time and a great meal provided by Sheba’s catering in the Hempstead Hall event room for the 2019 Officer Installation Banquet. Miss Linda Clark was named the Lion of the Year . Other special awards given out included the Dalstrom Award with Richard and Rosetta Hogue, receiving their own individual award as to make sure they were both honored in that category. Sheba Smith also received a Dalstrom.

” I don’t deserve this ,” Mrs. Hogue said quietly with tears in  her eyes, but was assured by every Lion that she certainly did deserve the award.Ed Flagg

Spokesperson Claudia Griffin hugged Smith and  Mrs.Hogue up close as she happily presented awards to what she called “her friends.”

Ed Flagg was awarded the Melvin Jones Award. New officers installed included; President Nathan Gerth, First Vice Sheba Smith, Second Vice Mark Ross, Third Vice Janet Choate, Secretary Doyle Brewer, Assistant Secretary Penny Everett, Treasurer Bobby Loe, Assistant Treasurer John Trauger,  Tail Twisters Ken Shafer , Craig Robinson, Lion Tamers, Robert Green and Jack Still , Global Membership Team Milko Smith, LCIF Chairman James Griffin, Global Service Team Dave Phillips and Marketing and Communications Mark Keith.

The 2019 directors include: Jim Gunter (term 2020), Richard Ross (term 2020), Jason Jobe (term 2021), Ed Flagg (term 2021), John Collier (term 2022), Charles Looney (term 2022), Steve Montgomery (term 2022).

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